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Basking in the Moonlight

If poem by Rudyard Kipling

Butterfly Garden


"...a work of art that transcends any memoir that I have ever read. This is a book that will never be forgotten."

Marc Klaas, child advocate & founder
of KlassKids Foundation

The Butterfly Garden: A Memoir, is a true crime story that at its heart deals with roots, identity,
and cultivating the will to make a better future no matter what horrors lie in the past.”

Midwest Book Review


The Butterfly Garden is a story of astonishing courage and resiliency. It is a memoir, but also a mystery and a thriller.  The Butterfly Garden speaks to age-old themes of tragedy and triumph. But in the end, it is about the healing powers of hope and forgiveness. It is not to be missed."

Detroit Free Press

"Chip St. Clair brilliantly exemplifies the courage that remains in a child . . . His courage makes him a hero, his prose makes him an artist.  Chip St. Clair can write. Were it up to me The Butterfly Garden would be required reading . . ."

David Keith, Actor






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