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Chip St. Clair

Chip St. Clair has been capturing the hearts of audiences worldwide with his compelling story of hope, triumph, and the discovery of the true measure of strength each of us has when we can simply gain the courage to look within.

St. Clair began sharing his story nationally in 2002, having been featured on major television programs such as Dateline and Good Morning America. As founder of the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps to get the creative arts into the lives of children and families facing adversity, St. Clair dedicates his life to helping others to overcome life’s challenges with the same tools he used as a child. His work often places him in the media spotlight as he also fights relentlessly for tough legislation aimed at combating identity theft and protecting children, having worked and passed law in several states with fathers-turned-advocates Mark Lunsford and Marc Klaas. In 2005, Chip St. Clair was honored as the recipient of a U.S. Congressional Record for his ardent advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children.

Prior to founding the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation, he served as regional director of the Michigan chapter of Justice for Children, where he made tremendous strides in aiding children caught up in the nation’s distressed child welfare system. He created legislative initiatives, community awareness programs, and internship programs that still resonate among victims, survivors, and key stakeholders in the child welfare community. St. Clair’s direct involvement in the chapter’s casework played a substantial role in the apprehension of two known child predators whose brutality toward children grabbed national headlines.

St. Clair’s own harrowing story is chronicled in his bestselling memoir The Butterfly Garden (HCI, 2008) – a haunting account of surviving the darkest of family secrets – a childhood unknowingly spent on the run with one of America’s most wanted killers – of his metamorphosis from unthinkable horror to a future of self-discovery, hope, and peace using the power of literature and love to battle the demons of the past. And ultimately of his commitment to protect children, empower survivors, and put predators behind bars.

Universities and high schools across the country have incorporated The Butterfly Garden into their curriculum, and St. Clair’s advocacy work and his riveting lectures have become an integral part of the training for law enforcement, prosecutors, and DHS is several states.  In April of 2009, St. Clair participated in nearly 100 interviews worldwide for Child Abuse Awareness Month.

St. Clair studied Astrophysics at Michigan State University, and is currently working toward a Bachelors in Fine Arts at Penn State University. In his spare time he enjoys outdoor activities and indulging in his thirst for great literature. St. Clair has three fictional works currently being shopped, including The NeverMan Chronicles. In addition to his published memoir, The Butterfly Garden, St. Clair also contributed a prologue for the children’s book, I Said No! A Kid-to-Kid Guide to Keeping your Private Parts Private. St. Clair resides in Michigan with the love of his life, Lisa.

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