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“The Butterfly Garden is a story of astonishing courage and resiliency...

not to be missed."

                                      - Detroit Free Press

Too often we allow what happened to us yesterday to define who we are,

what we dream,

even what we achieve.

Chip St. Clair has the ultimate story of hope, inspiration, and overcoming the odds that will leave you not only in awe, but forever changed.

Tomorrow's successes are not at the mercy of yesterday's trials or failures -- not unless we let them. In his captivating memoir, lectures, and podcasts, Chip St. Clair shares with audiences how he made peace with a tumultuous past and made what he thought would be an impossible future, possible... becoming a best-selling author, screenwriter, award-winning child advocate, motivational speaker, guest teacher of his ground-breaking creative writing curriculum, and co-founder of a charity that empowers youth to discover latent talents and reach their potential.



Looking for an Autographed Book?


Did you know that supporters who donate $100 or more to St. Clair Butterfly Foundation (SCBF) receive a signed book from Chip St. Clair?

I went to Target yesterday in search of a new book.  Usually, I grab a Jodi Picoult and head out, because I quite enjoy her novels.  But I realized that every single one they had in the store, I had already read... So, I figured it was time for me to search for a new author to explore.  To be completely honest... I usually hate memoirs.  And, I wasnt going to buy yours, but my husband was in a hurry, and it sounded interesting on the back description.


So, last night, I curled up with the book when I got into bed, expecting to read a couple of chapters until I dozed off.  Well, it didn't quite work out that way... I finished the book at 1:20 this morning.  I COULD NOT put it down.  I have never left a message like this for an author before, but I feel compelled to tell you how absolutely inspiring your memoir was to me. Your book helped me understand how I was feeling in ways that I never thought were possible. Thanks to your story, I see that it really does, whether I like it or not... its just up to me to decide HOW I will let it affect me, and whether or not I will let it overpower who I am.


Your memoir explained the way you view who you have become, and how you got there in the most beautifully written way.  Your courage and strength inspires me.  Good luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

I can guarantee if I ever see another book on the shelf with your name on it, I will be picking it up.  I am quite thankful that I happened upon your book last night... the only thing that pisses me off is that now I have nothing to read tonight!

~Your New Fan,

S Watts


This book was gently read once by me.. Folks you have never read a book like this....I know because I read and have never read a book like this.......I have read a lot of true crime and books about child abuse but this book contains both....I am not given away the story because it is right on the back cover......Chip lived through such cruel abuse from his father who seem to take such great pleaseure in his abuse.....His mother was of no help and no prize package as she drank......Now imagine after living with all of this to find out your father is one of America Most Wanted.....Who did he kill?.....A child.....But it is possible that there were more then one......Chip was lucky to find the love of his life to help him deal with all of this.....This book is so much more but let me say it is very well written so it is easy to follow.....You will not forget this book.....And if you love true crime like I do it is a must read.....

A. Moss


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