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Chip St. Clair

Survivor of one of the most compelling true stories of all time, Chip St. Clair moved with his family nearly thirty times all around the country. Upon learning his family's dark secret in 1998, Chip never imagined that he would open up and share his story with the world. As a young boy and teenager, his escape was reading everything and anything that transported him far away from reality. Chip St. Clair's journey however would place him at the core of his pain and challenge him to confront DNA versus choice.

"There is no greater feeling than helping others conquer their pain of the past. I am inspired by those who overcome the odds, and transform from victim to victor.”


- Chip St. Clair

His mother was an emotionally abusive alcoholic and his father ruled by irrationality and fear. By the grace of God, Chip and Lisa found one another in high school and the two have been inseparable ever since. In January 1998, upon returning from the hospital after having survived a life-threatening attack by his father, Chip would soon discover the truth about his parents' identity and face a decision no child should ever have to make.


Turning his father over to the authorities was only half the battle. Conquering the demons within, those as a result of his dysfunctional childhood, was the true challenge. Chip broke free of his chains, made a metamorphosis -- like the journey of the butterfly -- and vowed a lifelong commitment of utilizing his experiences to inspire others. As a result, Chip and his wife, Lisa, were thrust into the media spotlight and embarked on a journey far beyond their wildest imaginations.

"Reality rarely changes; only our perspective of it. The means to change our surroundings depends on our own ability to shift perspectives.”


- Chip St. Clair

A Global Footprint

In 2007, Chip and Lisa founded the St. Clair Butterfly Foundation (SCBF), a nonprofit organization that provides mentorship programs and life skills, and builds character through the creative arts.

Dedicated to giving others the tools necessary to unlock their potential, the St. Clairs guest teach in underprivileged middle and high schools, and hope to expand their programs into every school across the nation.

"Our approach is simple: Inspire. Empower. Soar. The Arts are what grounded me as a child, kindness and compassion is what made me whole."

- Chip St. Clair



























In 2008, Chip St. Clair's memoir The Butterfly Garden: Surviving Childhood on the Run with One of America's Most Wanted (HCI, 2008) was released, gaining international appeal. People from all around the world reached out to share their own personal stories, and expressed their gratitude for his courage and determination.


“If I focused on the statistics -- my parents high school dropouts, drugs, alcoholism, depression, abuse, incarceration -- I never would have made it off that island of despair. We are only limited in this life by the boundaries we place around us. Lower those walls, and watch the possibilities grow."


- Chip St. Clair












Reaching a New Generation with a Message of Hope

Today the conversation of child abuse is much more prevalent, opening a window to the dynamics of family dysfunction, and the possibility for change.

“Many people out there are drowning in pain. I know what it's like to live "comfortably numb" as Pink Floyd sings about. It's no way for anyone to live. I was fortunate enough to find someone who cared enough to help me off that island, so I will gladly pay it forward and be that lifeline for others."

- Chip St. Clair

Chip St.Clair has provided countless dynamic and riveting keynotes, presentations, and breakout sessions around the country, reminding us that no matter where we've been or who we are, we have the power to decide who we become.

​​Chip St. Clair is an inspiration to anyone who has faced adversity. He is committed to encouraging men, empowering women, and providing children the tools to grow strong and righteous.

"If we wish to be free of our past, we must face our pain, learn from it, and surround ourselves with those who believe in change."


- Chip St. Clair

Every week, Lisa and Chip host The Divine Frequency on Empower Radio, hoping to inspire and empower others with their story of resilience and compassion. They will teach you how to tune out the wrong messages and tune in the right ones, turning your passion into purpose.

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