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Lisa St. Clair has always had a passion for life that is contagious.

Lisa St. Clair

A lifelong resident of Michigan, Lisa St. Clair began her career as a young woman working in her family’s dental business prior to heading off to Michigan State University. Many twists and turns on life's road provided Lisa a unique perspective that challenged her innermost values and beliefs; however, the seeds of compassion were planted in her very early on. Growing up, both of her parents were heavily involved in her and her siblings' daily routines and extracurricular activities which set a powerful example for Lisa.


Oftentimes we see things through the lens we were raised, and we limit ourselves by those boundaries. I believe our life mission is to open our hearts and elevate ourselves to the highest, so that we can help others reach their potential as well.

- Lisa St. Clair


Her mother and father taught her to face adversity with kindness and an open mind. As a young girl, Lisa believed all people were created equal. Ever since, she has been on a mission to unmask the victim and help heal the inner child. For this, she believes, is the key to achieving a life rich in peace and happiness.

























High school sweethearts, Lisa and Chip courted for 7 years and then married in 1999 on Valentine's Day. Upon finding out Chip's dark family secret, the two made a vow to transform their pain into purpose and utilize whatever resources available to make a change. Since their twenties, they've participated in media worldwide and traveled the country raising awareness about the aftermath of family dysfunction. Chip and Lisa worked with legislators and helped to pass laws in three states aimed at better protecting children.


Believe in yourself. Don't let the pain of your past stifle your future. Surround yourself with those who challenge you to be your very best. You have the power and the right to be whoever and whatever you dream.

- Lisa St. Clair

Her compassion for others is at the heart of everything she does. As co-founder of St. Clair Butterfly Foundation (SCBF), Lisa is an integral part of the development and implementation and of each program, and the overall vision for C.H.A.N.G.E. --

Creating Harmony And Nurturing Growth Everywhere

Lisa is an inspiration and example to young girls and women everywhere who are balancing self-respect with the weight of societal stigmas and pressures. She is committed to empowering women, children, and families to connect and grow strong with a foundation of righteousness and perseverance. This commitment and passion has motivated her to guest teach alongside Chip in both underprivileged middle and high schools.

We are always at our very best when we stay true to who we are on the outside and strengthen our values on the inside. Authenticity and compassion are the greatest gifts we can share with others. 

- Lisa St. Clair

Most recently Lisa provided a keynote for Safe Harbor Children's Advocacy Center in Allegan, MI.



















Every week, Lisa and Chip host The Divine Frequency on Empower Radio, hoping to inspire and empower others with their message of hope and healing. They will teach you how to tune out the wrong messages and tune in the right ones, turning your passion into purpose.

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