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Turning Passion Into Purpose
Use your Past to Fuel Your Future


Too many times we allow our past to define us. We allow what happened to us yesterday to define who we are, what we dream, even what we believe we can achieve. Tomorrow's successes however are not determined by yesterday's trials or failures -- not unless we let them. In his captivating lecture on Turning Passion Into Purpose, Chip St. Clair shares with audiences how he made peace with a tumultuous past and made what he thought would be an impossible future, possible... becoming a best-selling author, screenwriter, award-winning child advocate, motivational speaker, guest teacher of his ground-breaking creative writing curriculum, and founder of a charity that changes the lives of at-risk youth. Audiences will be spellbound as they too learn how to get past the past and back onto the road to a life of meaning, purpose, and success.


The Secret of Survivors: A Journey from Victim To Victor
Embracing the Worst Case Scenario

The ultimate story of hope, inspiration, and overcoming unbelievable odds that will leave your audience not only in awe, but forever changed. With his beginnings shrouded in mystery, Chip St. Clair believed he was the only son of David St. Clair, a troubled Vietnam war veteran with a propensity toward violence, and Leslie Weaver, an alcoholic wife and mother who was imminently preoccupied with soothing her husband's explosive rage. As a young boy, Chip found solitude in poetry and literature - Dickens, Dumas, Twain, Harper Lee, and Tolkien offered brief respite into a world more beautiful than his own. As a teenager, a darkness began to consume him, forcing Chip into a grim solitude; a weary, bleak existence reflected in his macabre etchings, poetry, and oil paintings. It wouldn't be until he crossed paths with sixteen-year-old Lisa Muethel that his life would take a dramatic twist. Her unwavering love for him pulled Chip from the brink of darkness, and provided the foundation of strength Chip would rely upon when he uncovered the brutal truth about his father - David St. Clair was not a traumatized war veteran at all, but Michael Grant, a fugitive child murderer, one of America's most wanted, on the run for nearly three decades. After turning his own father in, Chip then began to embark on a journey that took him beyond the boundaries of impossibilities, to the very precipice of hope, love, and self-discovery.

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